Lisbon Registration Process

Oslo, DEC 1, 2019

Lisbon Registration Process

Dear IMFR fellows,

Although still a while ahead, it is nevertheless time to kick off the detailed planning of the 2020 IMFR event in Lisbon, Portugal tied to the Lisbon marathon 11th October.
As in previous years there will be a guided pre-tour exploring the beautiful Portugal, and details of the itinerary can be found at Rotarianrun Pretour and there you will also find all information for registration for the tour.
The Lisbon Marathon Event offers various distances including the 42k marathon, the 21k half-marathon, and the 8.5k mini-marathon. Note that the full marathon will start at a different locality (Av. da República, Cascais) than the half- and the minimarathon (Vasco de Gama Bridge). Details on the event you will find here.
Important: As last year there will be no IMFR group registration for the Lisbon event. Each participant must register individually through the web-registration system.
Again, this implies an extra challenge for organizing the IMFR meeting. In order to plan the events during the meeting (e.g., Pasta party, Farewell dinner) we must keep track of the registrations and the number of participants. At a later stage, we will also need the information on the participants when it comes to order our running shirts (details on the running shirts will be distributed later have informed us about their participation).

Please let us know how many persons and which race (distance) you have registered to, but also if you wish to participate in the Pasta party and/or the Farewell dinner, incl. information on food preferences (please note that the details for both events are not yet settled, so currently I cannot provide at this stage any details on the locality, the food and the prices – this will be provided at a later stage).

If possible please register as soon as possible if you plan to join the Lisbon meeting.

Once registered please send a note via email to

Thank you very much for your support and understanding. Looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon.

With best wishes,