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  1. Norbert Liekmeier

    We had a very nice walk for an hour through the fields

    1. Jo

      Dear Norbert,
      great you have been taking part in our IMFR challenge. Your vote on WhatsApp for Shelterbox has been registered.
      All the best to Uli and the family,

      1. Lutz Bachmann

        Norbert – great that you enjoyed the IMFR challenge. Greetings from Oslo to you and your family. Mvh, Lutz

  2. Christina Huber

    Due to a bad knee, no running for Norman at the moment. But we did an hourly walk with nice view on Lake Garda.
    Norman Huber, member of RC Chiemsee 1842, # end polio #
    Looking forward to seeing some of you in Portugal !

    1. Jo

      Dear Christina and Norman, thank you for taking part in our IMFR challenge. What a wonderful picturte, this challenge gives all of us the opportunity to see about the area our members and friends are running. And Keith from Geelong / Australia and you are among the top areas for sure.
      Looking forward seeing you in Portugal, all the best for Norman’s knee – YIR Jo

    2. Lutz Bachmann

      Get better very soon with the knee !!! Great that you took the challenge anyway, and walking is also perfectly fine. Jealous about the exciting views 🙂
      Greetings from Norway, Lutz

  3. Dirk Theisges

    Dear friends,
    I did the virtual Stelvio marathon on Friday. I mostly ran on the Neisse cycle path from Zittau to Görlitz (Saxony). Because of the high temperatures, I chose this flat route downstream (completely without alpine pass roads …). We are still planning the weekend trip in October in Portugal and hope to see many of you. Viele Grüße auch von Birgit!
    Ach ja… End Polio Now natürlich….

    1. Jo

      Hey Birgit and Dirk,
      thank you for taking part, great job. I know how warm it is at the moment and even running very early does not help always. Looking forward seeing you in Lisbon, Love from Merit & Jo to you and the young ladies:-)

    2. Lutz Bachmann

      Moin Dirk, as long as you did it for an hour also the easy way out with the flat route downstream counts. Since Queenstown we all know what flat out beautiful means 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon 🙂

  4. Angelika Hesse-Mautz

    Actually I am very slow, but as you can see below, I hit the goal today. I prefer to give the donation to End Polio Now. Greatings from RC Göttingen/Hann.Münden to all friends around the world, keep on running!

    1. Jo

      Geli, you have done a wonderful job in taking part of the challenge – thank you!

    2. Lutz Bachmann

      Slow or not – you were much faster than those who stayed on the sofa. Most important is that you enjoyed it. Mvh, Lutz

  5. Robert Mergenthal

    Dear Friends,
    I ran 9 km in nice summer rain conditions.
    My Name is Robert Mergenthal from RC Göttingen-Hann. Münden District 1800
    Have fun and run for donation ✌??

    End Polio NOW!

    1. Jo

      Hi Robert, welcome in my home club Göttingen-Münden and thank you for taking part in our IMFR challenge! Looking forward meeting you in person (maybe tomrrow?)!
      Your vote is regisered,
      all the best,

  6. Stefan Sattler

    Dear Friends,

    yesterday June 14th, the legendary 56 Mi./90 km Comrades Marathon in South Africa should have taken place. However, due to Corona it was cancelled and I could not participate. Therefore we organized the “Remeber Comrades Corona Marathon” with our local running club. 23 of us followed a beautiful 45 km running track through the forest between Bonn and Cologne in Germany. Each participant choosing its individual distance from 5 km up to 45 km. Some of us participted in the virtual Comrades “Race The Comrades Legends” with almost 44.000 other runners worldwide. Apart from the fact that 45 km is quite a distance, we had a lot of fun and a nice cold beer after. Therefore I am happy to contribute 45 km in 4:34 h to the IFMR challenge. Hope to meet many of you again may be this year, but definitely next year.

    Stefan Sattler RC Bornheim, Germany

    1. Jo

      Hey Stefan, what an event – congrats! You and your running club have been doing great and we are proud to have you as our member! Looking forward seeing you in Lisbon for our “special Corono Year’s Meeting :-)” – all the best – Jo

    2. Lutz Bachmann

      WOW – just impressive !!! Under the next IMFR meeting we take a nice cold beer together. All best from Oslo, Lutz

  7. Jo

    Dear friends,
    happy to post my IMFR Challenge activity from today voting for END POLIO. Together with my Sunday running party in the hills and forest around my home town Göttingen on mushy single trails after heavy rain all night.
    What do you think about wearing our New Zealand Shirt the other way round to report about the marathons attended?
    Thank you to everybody taking part in our challenge, we are always happy about new members. Looking forward to read about your personal activities!

    If interested visit
    Treasurer Jo RC Göttingen-Münden, District 1800
    for the IMFR board.

  8. Katharina Stein

    Good morning from Göttingen / Germany! I ran 11 km this morning (1 hr 11 min) . My name is Katharina – I am from Rotary Club Göttingen-Sternwarte (Germany). Greetings to everyone!

    1. Jo

      Great to hear about your result and thank you for participating???! What is your supported subject: Polio WWF or shelter box?

      1. Katharina Stein

        … Hi Jo – sorry, forgot about the choice of the project: I’ll go for Polio.

  9. Kester

    Today (Sat 13 June 20), 17 members, partners and family members from RC Kardinia covered the same course as yesterday on the Barwon River path, three minutes faster this time! We earned our coffee on a cool pleasant morning. Kerry votes for our donation to go to WWF. Others didn’t say.

    1. Lutz Bachmann

      Was it Keith who set the pace today 🙂 I enjoyed very much the video that Ben posted on facebook. And Kerry’s vote for WWF is noted.

  10. Kester

    On Tues 9th June, Kester Baines (IMFR and RC Kardinia) ran from Belmont on to the Barwon River path, from Newtown to Fyansford then Highton then South Geelong and back to Belmont, about 16km, in a time of 1:27:56 – my donation preference is for ShelterBox.

  11. Kester

    Today 4 members of Kardinia Rotary Club (Geelong, Victoria, Australia) – Laura Berry, Althea Abraham, Vic Pitman-Jones and Kester Baines – walked for 1hr12min on the Barwon River path, a distance of 5.9km. Then we had coffee outside the Barwon Edge cafe in beautiful sunshine on a lovely still autumn day.

    1. Lutz Bachmann

      Very nice that you did it as a group activity of your Kardinia Rotary Club – certainly a good idea for other clubs as well !!!

      1. Kester

        Thanks Lutz! Yes, it was fun and very pleasant. Tomorrow we are doing it again with other members of the club.
        All the best

        1. Jo

          wish I could be with you – will do my challenge on Sunday:-)

          1. Kester

            Good luck with it, Jo! You will be able to run our river track in 2023!

          2. Jo

            Love to, Kes ?

    1. Jo

      Must be fantastic to run at the oceanside:-) I will do my IMFR challenge on Sunday with my running party.

      1. Rachel Cole

        Yes! We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area with the ocean so close!

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