Annual Report 2009


Annual Report 2009



Number of Members

Up to date the number of members is 118 from 15 different countries.

The cost of membership dues is 20 Euro per annum.


Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held on Saturday 12. september 2009 at the Soirée which the Rotary Club de Mérignac arranged for our fellowship in their meeting restaurant near the airport of Bordeaux in the context of the Médoc-Marathon.


Participation of International Marathons

In 2009 our annual Rotary fellowship event was performed at the famous Médoc-Marathon.

About 70 Rotarian runners took part at the 42,195 km wine degustation in one of the best known wine-areas of the world. This event has been organized by René Bigot from La Rochelle and the board of the International Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians with Joachim Bekedorf, Ralf Ludewig and Josef Zech.

The revenues of 1000,- Euro were transferred to “endpolionow”.


The next Rotary event at an international marathon is planned in Vienna, 18. April 2010. This weekend will be organised from Austrian friends in Vienna.


Homepage of the IMFR


The homepage of our fellowship, written in german an in english, is


Next annual meeting

The next annual meeting is intended on 17. April 2010 in Vienna.



The president,


Josef Zech

R.C. Ellwangen, District 1830, Germany,