International Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians


Article 1

The International Marathon Fellowship of Rotarians, an association regulated by the french law of 1st July 1901 and the decree of 16th August 1901, is hereby formed by its members under the present statutes.

Article 2

The object of the association is to bring together Rotarians throughout the world, who share a passion for marathon running, by organizing a marathon each year in a different country.

Article 3

The headquarters are established at the chairman’s address:
Christophe Cruzel,
15 route de Bessieres, 31140 Pechbonnieu, France.
They can be transferred by decision of the board of directors, ratified by members at the annual general meeting.

Article 4

The association is composed of:
– Honorary members
– Active members or supporters

Article 5

Only Rotarians, their partners or children, members of Inner Wheel or Rotaract can be members of the association.
Applications for membership must include first name, last name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, and name of the Rotary Club of the candidate.

Article 6

Honorary members are those who have contributed outstanding service to the association. They are not required to pay subscriptions.
Active members are those who have undertaken to pay the subscription fixed by the members at the annual general meeting.

Article 7

Membership ceases by:
– Resignation
– Death
– Disbarment decided by the board of directors for failure to pay the subscription or for serious misdemeanours, the member having been invited by recorded delivery to appear before the board to present his or her case.

Article 8

The funds of the association include:
– Entry fees and subscriptions
– Any other source of funds authorised by the law.

Article 9

The association is administered by a board of directors with a minimum of four members, elected for two years by members at the annual general meeting.
It consists of:
– a chairman
– a vice-chairman
– a secretary
– a treasurer
The board fills vacancies by a temporary replacement until the next annual general meeting, when a permanent replacement is elected by the members. The mandate of the replacement ends when the mandate of the board member replaced would normally have ended.

Article 10

The board of directors is convened by the chairman at least once a year.
Decisions are taken by a simple majority of votes; in the case of a shared vote, the chairman holds the deciding vote.

Article 11

The annual general meeting is open to all members of the association whatever their membership category.
A minimum of 15 days before the appointed date, either the chairman, the board of directors or a third of the members of the association convenes the meeting and attaches an agenda..
The chairman, assisted by members of the board of directors, chairs the meeting and presents the overall situation of the association.
The treasurer reports on the financial situation and presents the accounts for the approval of the meeting.
The business of the meeting concluded, the members proceed to the replacement of board members who have reached the end of their mandate.
For the annual general meeting to deliberate properly, a minimum of one quarter of the members of the association must be present.
In the absence of a quorum, a second annual general meeting is convened with the same agenda, to take place after an interval of no less than six days.
This meeting may deliberate properly, whatever the number of members present.

Article 12

If required or at the request of one half plus one of the members of the association, the chairman may convene an extraordinary general meeting, following the procedure laid out in section 11.

Article 13

Should a minimum of two thirds of the members present at the annual general meeting decide to wind up the association, one or more liquidators are appointed by the members present, and the funds, if any, are distributed in accordance with article 9 of the french law of 1st July 1901 and the decree of 16th August 1901.
The present statutes were approved by the founding general meeting of the association on 15th June 2006.

Toulouse, 15th June 2006

The Chairman       The Treasurer

Christophe Cruzel   Alain Betato